Bible Reading Plans

  It is a proven fact that if we aren’t reading
  God’s Word we aren’t going to know Him.
  If we can’t sense God speaking to us, revealing
  His will, showing Himself to us then we aren’t
  reading the very Word’s He has spoken to us.
  The very Word’s He commands us to know.
  To hide in our hearts. To be guided by in our
  behavior, attitudes, values, etc.

The Words that will revive us. I need revival daily, don’t you?

 Reading plans are a good way to help us read through the Bible.
An organized plan that helps us track our reading and stay on track.

 Below is a link to a list of reading plans. You will find through
the Bible in a year plans and shorter plans like
A 31 Day Encounter with Jesus. You can read chronologically
or biographically through the Bible. There is a topical reading
plan. You can even find a link to sites where you can listen
through the Bible. And this one I really like, an application
for my phone that allows me to read the Bible in almost any
translation or language I choose, wherever I am.

No more excuses for me!

I hope this is helpful to you. God is speaking, we listen by reading His Word.

Let me know if you selected and plan. I am praying that each of us
will commit to reading our Bible more in the coming year.

 Bible Reading Plans


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