Practicing the Presence of God While Cleaning Your Refrigerator

Messy Fridge

I don’t know about you but I hate cleaning my fridge. If I would keep after it as I go it would be so easy. And, I do that right after I clean it. Those shiny glass shelves and purposeful looking food items inspire in me a commitment to purge and clean often.

But, let a few too many leftovers invade, a bottle of salad dressing we didn’t like take up sticky residence on a shelf and a bitsy chunk of expensive cheese get moldy in the Deli drawer and all bets are off. I am a failure! Don’t try to talk me out of it with organization techniques and self-esteem pep talks. I am a failure in the Clean Refrigerator Club. I have been for 30 years of marriage and even before that and I don’t see anything changing soon.

The worst thing is I do it so rarely that once I take all the shelves out I can’t remember where they go and how to get them back in. While my mayo is going bad on the kitchen counter, I’m wresting with those nice on-the-door compartments. Thank goodness my husband works from home. But, I have to say, he had a hard time figuring this puzzle out too.

Okay, you’re wondering what this has to do with anything, much less spending time with the Lord. Well, I’ll tell you. As I was hauling all those plastic containers out and scrubbing down the shelves I began praying. I began thanking the Lord for His abundant provision. I prayed for those who don’t have enough to eat much less a refrigerator to keep it in. I thanked God for the electricity that runs the fridge. I hear Japan may be losing all access to electric power if all their nuclear power plants go down. How long will it take them to recover.

I began confessing to the Lord that I am not a good steward of what He has provided as I threw away food I could have found a use for but was too lazy. I did think I might be able to find a recipe online to use up that half jar of Plum Sauce I bought back when I thought I would cook Asian Cuisine. But, I don’t remember what it smelled like fresh and I didn’t like how it smelled old so I tossed it. (I did save the jar but the label is a booger to get off!)

So, I thought I would share with you that any task can be turned into an opportunity to spend time with the Lord. He won’t care whether you’re cleaning the fridge or the toilet. He loves to hear from you. He loves to be invited into whatever we are doing. Practice will make perfect!



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