The Bread Crumb Trials

Toasty Bread CrumbsSome of you might not know that I had surgery recently. One Saturday I had a “kill me and take me now, Lord” gall-bladder attack. Honestly it would have made a Navy SEAL give up the mission details or a 60-year-old woman trying to pass for 40 give away her birthdate. So, after very little debate in the emergency room I agreed to a gall-bladder-ectomy. Now I know that isn’t what they call it and I don’t remember what they call it nor am I inclined to try to Google it so that will have to do.

While waiting for surgery I went back and forth with myself about whether I should have this -ectomy. I had read some negative stuff on the internet and thought maybe I should control it with diet, and cleanses, and all that. Some even stated that letting them take my gall-bladder was akin to giving up my first born. I was torn between the panicky thought of having another attack and the idea that maybe life would be worse without that little body part.

In the end I went for it. I am glad I did because everyone tells me it was the best thing they ever did. I don’t think I would go that far but the assurance that I will never have one of those attacks again gives me peace of mind. And, though everyone tried to convince me that I could now eat whatever I wanted I had to pause and think. That was what got me into this situation! Did I want to continue the practice that murdered my gall-bladder? Maybe it would be my heart or my liver next time. Did I want to systematically Little Debbie myself to death?

I came away with a new sense of my body. Wow, what you eat really does matter! Like I didn’t know that! But I didn’t practice it. So, we are changing our diet and going the healthy route that includes a noxious green powder we swirl into our orange juice in the morning. Once we gag that down the rest of the changes have been good and we are feeling the results.

This brings me to the Bread Crumb Trials. Earlier in the year declared 2011 the Year of Frugality. Retirement is coming and while things aren’t tight I want to learn to live on less, to want less and maybe need less. So now I have made it the Year of Frugality and Healthy Living. Lest you think that all the fun has gone out of my life for good I must tell you I am having a blast!

So, in the Spirit of Healthy Living I have been replacing the bad food with good and the processed food with the more natural and homemade options. In the Spirit of Frugality one day last week I decided to make my own whole wheat bread crumbs. I had a half loaf of stale whole wheat bread and a half bag of stale whole wheat hamburger buns floating around my pantry waiting to be repurposed so I went for it. Two birds with one stone, frugal and healthy!

Armed with an episode of Healthy Appetite with Ellie Kreiger, a food processor and two sheet pans I began. I ground up the breads and spread them out on my pans. One my nice shiny Pampered Chef pan and one my old dark non-stick pan. I put the shiny pan in the oven and checked and stirred and checked and stirred. After some time out they came. Toasty and crumb-like. Beautiful. I couldn’t wait to make those healthy baked-not-fried fish fingers. I set them aside to cool and smiled over them. So proud!

Meanwhile I popped in the other pan. Before the checking and stirring began, they burnt. To a crisp, burnt! I was so disappointed. Half of them gone in a flash. I couldn’t figure out what had happened. The method, the same. Oven temp, the same. Diligence of checking and stirring, the same. What happened? You may have guessed. The pans, different! While the perfect pan gave the perfect result, the other brought nothing but a trashcan full of burnt potential.

Now maybe you are wondering how I can pull something spiritual and encouraging out of all this. Never fear, it’s in there! As I dumped that pan of crumbs into the trash I thought about the Lord and the trials and afflictions He allows into our lives. I remembered James 1:1 that says that testing will have a perfect result, if we endure we will become perfect, lacking nothing. And in 1 Peter 1:7 that even though our faith be tested with fire it will stand the test and result in praise, glory and honor to our Lord Jesus.

I realized that it’s all about the pan! I picked the wrong pan!  What the Lord showed me was that He always picks the right pan. The right test, trial or affliction. He knows exactly what it takes to bring a perfect result in us, He knows exactly how much fire our faith can stand. He is frugal, not wasting anything in our lives so that we will become conformed to the image of His Son. And isn’t that spiritual health, to be like Jesus?

So even if you think a current or future trial, difficulty or affliction will singe your bread crumbs, trust me, trust God. He  has you in the right pan!


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