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How to Hear a Word from God: The Letter to the Hebrews begins off reminding us of a stunning and remarkable fact – God spoke. And not only has God spoken, but he has done so “at many times, and in many ways.” And in these last days, he has spoken by a new and infinitely greater way of speaking. He has spoken by His Son.

Have you heard this Word from God? Now, you might have read this Word, but how often – if at all – have you heard it?

My Bible: Read the Bible from anywhere on your computer or mobile device. Beautiful design and inspiring  illustrations accompany your reading. Follow your friends Bible reading. My Bible has tools that make Bible reading easy and fun. Includes Bible reading plans, with multiple translations and Facebook covers.

The Essential Words of Charles Spurgeon on sale at Amazon.

God’s Name for the Impossible Moments in Life: The names of God reveal the character of God. And, knowing the character of God brings comfort to the hurting, healing to the broken, peace to the anxious, and confidence to the fearful.

Scripture Typer:

  • ScriptureTyper accelerates memorization by utilizing both visual AND kinesthetic memory.
  • Tap into your kinesthetic memory which combines your sense of touch and your innate ability to remember patterns and feelings.
  • Combine touch typing with Bible memory and feel the patterns of the scripture as you type them so that you memorize faster, increase retention, and enhance your capacity to memorize verses.

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