THE 7 EXPERIMENT: August 22, 1013

THE 7 EXPERIMENT: Staging your Own Mutiny against Excess
Do you feel trapped in the machine of excess? Jen Hatmaker was. Her friends were. And some might say that our culture is. When Jen was called “rich” by a child who was living in poverty, she began a social experiment which evolved into a spiritual journey. Through this study, you’ll start that same experiment, at whatever level you choose, in seven key areas: food, clothes, spending, media, possessions, waste, and stress.

 The 7 Experiment: Staging your Own Mutiny against Excess
Begins: Thursday, August 22 at 6:30 p.m.
Location: My home (Winter Springs)
Cost: $13

Online and Home Study begins August 22. Contact Janice at for more info.


The Call of Love

As we begin our journey through Six Secrets to a Powerful Quiet Time I want to share this devotion I read in class in case you want to add it to your Quiet Time journal.

by Frances J. Roberts

O My beloved, abide under the shelter of the lattice for I have betrothed you to Myself, and though you are sometimes indifferent toward Me, My love for you is at all times as a flame of fire. My ardor never cools. My longing for your love and affection is deep and constant.

Tarry not for an opportunity to have more time to be alone with Me. Take it, though you leave the tasks at hand. Nothing will suffer. Things are of less importance than you think. Our time together is like a garden full of flowers, whereas the time you give to things is as a field full of stubble.

I love you, and if you can always, as it were, feel My pulse beat, you will receive insight that will give you sustaining strength. I bore your sins and I wish to carry your burdens. You may take the gift of a light and merry heart, for my love dispels all fear and is a cure for every ill. Lay your head upon My breast and lose yourself in me. You will experience resurrection life and peace; the joy of the Lord will become your strenth; and wells of salvation will be opened within you (see Song of Solomon 2:9-13)

The entire second paragraph spoke so loudly to me. Are these not the very things that hinder us? The tasks that are a part of each of our roles in life overwhelm us and choke out the life-giving time we could spend with the Lord. Instead, we wander through our routines half-dead spiritually for lack of time with the Lord. Continue reading

Into the Light

Watch this amazing video called Into the Light.

WordPress will not allow me to post the video without upgrading service for $99 so please follow this link.



Tullian Tchividjian: Today’s Favorite Links

I haven’t been able to get any posts up because of many personal reasons so I will rely on the work of Others, much better Others, I might add.

I have only recently heard of Tullian Tchividjian and having read a couple of his blog posts have come to love what he has to say. He is easy to read but writes wisely and profoundly. I have one of his books on my shelf but haven’t read it. Gonna change that right now! Well, after I get this post done anyway.

Find below some links to a few of my recent favorites from his blog. These are a little long so will only give you three to ponder. Let me know what you think.

 Are Christians Totally Depraved

What Kind of Pastor Do Sinners Need?

Where Can I Find Assurance?

 William Graham Tullian Tchividjian (pronounced cha-vi-jin) is the Senior Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. A Florida native, Tullian is also the grandson of Billy and Ruth Graham.

Interesting Things I’ve Stumbled Upon

I love to surf the web and often find articles, videos, music and other things that I like and want to share. So here goes! I will keep it to a few at a time although in my stumbling around I have compiled quite the list. Hope you find a little something here that you like.

Pick one word that sums up who you want to be or how you want to live or what you want to achieve by the end of 2012. Mine is Humility. What’s yours?

Check out My One Word and One Word 365. Melanie from Only a Breath has offered to create a free word button for your blog (see mine above with the word heiress). To get a free button customized for you, click here.

GETTING IT RIGHT  Here is an article by Paul Tripp about getting the little things right. He says, “The character and course of a person’s life is not set in three or four grand, significant moments. No, the character of a person’s life is shaped in 10,000 little moments. You carry the character formed in the mundane into those rare consequential moments of life.”

THE NEXT BILLY GRAHAM MIGHT BE DRUNK RIGHT NOW  Russell Moore says, “Jesus will be King, and his church will flourish. And he’ll do it in the way he chooses, by exalting the humble and humbling the exalted, and by transforming cowards and thieves and murderers into the cornerstones of his New City.” God uses who He chooses!



A Home-grown Cure for a Shortened Attention Span (SAS)

What Happened to My Attention Span?

I’m that person they talk about when they write articles about Shortened Attention Spans (SAS) due to the Internet and the constant access to digital information.  (Notice the link above? I had to stop writing and find an article to link. I didn’t read the whole thing, sent it to my Kindle for later, but the info looked pretty good. Let me know.)

I prefer my information in short paragraphs and preferably bullet-pointed. Give me a list of 5 solutions, 10 tips, or 3 danger signs and I will print it right away and put it on the read pile. The guest bed in my office serves as a credenza of sorts and is piled with books and papers. I constantly send things to my printer, my Kindle, my phone, the guest bed and OneNote. I save, save, save for later and later never comes. Continue reading


The seven deadly sins aren’t just things we do—they’re who we are every day. Author Jared C. Wilson’s study examines the good news that Christ offers a way to deal with these sins once and for all.