Quiet Time


Daily Devotion Books
Kay Arthur of Precept Ministries International
God, I Need Your Comfort A devotional study of Psalm 23.
Lord, I Give You This Day
Powerful Moments with God – A Devotional Journey

Search My Heart, O God
Speak to My Heart, O God

Catherine Marshall of Quiet Time Ministries
A 30-Day Journey Books
Six Secrets to a Powerful Quiet Time: Discovering Radical Intimacy with God
Set My Heart on Fire: Experience the Power of the Holy Spirit
Passionate Prayer: Discovering the Power of Talking with God
Knowing & Loving the Bible: Face to Face with God in His Word
Trusting in the Names of God: Drawing Strength from Knowing Who He is
Walking with the God Who Cares: Finding Hope When You Need it Most

Quiet Times for the Heart
A Heart the Dances: Satisfy Your Desire for Intimacy with God
Pilgrimage of the Heart: Satisfy Your Desire for Adventure with God
Revive My Heart: Satisfy Your Thirst for Personal Spiritual Revival
A Heart on Fire: Discover the Priceless Privilege of Knowing Christ
A Heart to See Forever: Embrace the Promise of the Eternal Perspective

 Quiet Time Experience
Passionate Prayer: Go Deeper and Higher in Prayer
Trusting in the Names of God: God Has Made a Way to Know Him Better
A Heart that Hopes in God: Truths from the Psalms to Anchor Your Soul
Run Before the Wind: Truths from Acts to Enjoy Life in the Spirit

A Devotional Journey Series
A Woman’s Heart That Dances: Keeping in Step With God’s Design for You
A Woman’s Walk in Grace: God’s Pathway to Spiritual Growth

Other Devotional Resources
My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers
Morning and Evening by Charles H. Spurgeon
John MacArthur Devotional Books

Helpful Quiet Time Articles & Documents
Establishing a Quiet Time Seven Minutes with God
How to Have a Devotional Time

Devotions Multiple links to daily online devotions.
Holiness Day by Day Jerry Bridges
Devotions Assorted online devotions from Back to the Bible 
Daily Success from Institute of Basic Life Principles
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One response to “Quiet Time

  1. Sin would have us believe that we are reading the same thing over and that we won\’t get anything out of it. However, the Bible isn\’t a novel. It is a set of real life examples for us to learn from. It is amazing how spending just a few weeks in the real world can help you better understand a scripture that you read. Look forward to reading the scriptures and find new ways of looking at them. You will be happily surprised. Trust me. Thanks.

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